These pranks are great to annoy people, but use at your own risk. One repeatedly ejects your CD drive(s), one continually presses enter, one does the same for backspace, and one for capslock. One also opens "Notepad" Repeatedly, and nearly crashed my computer with an amazing dual core processor. There are several not included here FOR A REASON! The "Poison VBS Script" is one that does one of 5 things. This will NOT be covered here. The files are posted here for your convenience in .RAR format, if you cannot open them, please download the following free software. Concurrent releases will be released as either 1.1 for minor edits or 2.0 for major edits. Already out with v2.0.

VBS Script Pranks 1.0.rar VBS Script Pranks 1.0.rar
Size : 0.001 Kb
Type : rar
VBS Script Pranks 2.0.rar VBS Script Pranks 2.0.rar
Size : 0.002 Kb
Type : rar
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